You’re cute Aska
I promise
Aska has skin infection because it has been really wet outside. I had to put some cream on it and she has to wear socks because she’s not allowed to lick it.
… She’s offended.

I’m sorry I don’t update this blog much and unfortunately I have bad news.

We lost our apartment very suddenly so now I am looking for a new place. I have to rehome my degus, possibly my guinea pigs and my younger cat. I hope I don’t have to, but at least the Degus must go. 

I am not rehoming Aska and I would never even consider it. If I can’t find an apartment now that allows dogs a friend, and a schnauzer breeder, will probably take her and Rósa for few days or weeks- until I would find something else.  

Of course I hope I can find an apartment or house that allows dogs, and in worst case scenario Aska will go to our friend OR we will move to my uncle until we find something. 

… She did *not* want to look at me.
The weather has been pretty good lately!
Aska didn’t like the weather…

Happy 3rd birthday Rósa!!

My chair.

I’m sorry I haven’t updated this blog for a while but my camera broke in December so taking pictures is…a challenge.

Nothing new happening with Aska. She’s still the same goof. I will buy a new camera next month hopefully so I can keep spamming pictures of the bearded princess. :p

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